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Getting into the right preschool is never an accident; it is an outcome of the right decision at the right time.

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We promise to balance home-school environment with smart – teaching and thinking, thematic play, art and social gaming etc.

The core curriculum of iinky-pinky quenches the physical, intellectual, lingual, emotional and social needs of the children.

We deployed teachers who are expertise in a competitively designed syllabus. 

We maintain better student – teacher and facility ratio.



24/7 Care

Understanding that recreation is an essential element for students to learn what can’t be found in books, we endeavor to indulge kids in every such possible activity.Our objective is to inculcate sheer confidence in the kids so that they are able to accomplish their work without any parents’ aid.

We believe that curriculum plays a vital role in every preschool activity, right from interactions and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate.We have the best-in-class curriculum designed in-house using a combination of Playway and Montessori methods.

We believe that the teachers who aspire to teach children should be comprehensively trained in all aspects and developments in Early Childhood Education.We help children discover and explore nature through creative art, craft, culture and sports while learning about the vast opportunities in the world around.

Give your child all the innovation opportunities with our exclusive Hobby/Activity Class.



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